Everyone in the industry has a voice and a story

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This show is not a new concept… We are merely putting a platform out for people to share their stories about the industry, good and bad. This industry takes a lot out of us, which is why we call the show "Security Sucks" it’s an idiom, so don’t get your panties in a knot just yet based on the title alone…

Here is the BIG…. BUT…. We love every part of it, and wouldn’t change it for the world. This industry is what you make of it. At the end of it all, it is all up to you.

We want to hear from you and hope you enjoy the show.


Why are we doing this?

We have creating a new Podcast called “Security Sucks” part of the Security Sucks Media Label. This is a look into the lives of people in or related to the security industry. We believe everyone has a voice and should be heard. Our industry works in the shadows, but that doesn't mean we can't talk about what matters to us.

From Joel: “Doing this Podcast is definitely outside my element and I'm doing this for me. I will be overcoming a lot of my own fears and stepping outside my comfort zone to share “a day in the life”, interviews, and speak about the industry we all love and how it affects our families, social lives and our ourselves in general.”

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“A day in the life” was created to show others in the industry, that we all go through the same highs and lows no matter if it's your first day as a static guard to LE/Military or a CEO of a multi million dollar security company.

This is an average look into NORMAL people and their everyday home/work life.

There are 2 different “Day in the life”.

  • A Day in the life (Off Duty days)

  • A day in the life (Deployed or on duty days)



You may think these will be an “in person” interviews. IT WON’T BE… We will be interviewing people all over the world. These individuals will come from all different backgrounds, religions, nationalities and working in the security or related industries. Or even people that said “FUCK THIS” and got out all together. We want to know what makes everyone TICK, and why as people we are all so very different to the outsiders but very similar to the men and women we work with. We are very excited to share all the stories from all of our guest on the show… Keep in mind, a lot of these men and women are currently active in their industry so we will respect them by not sharing personal information such as family life or current operations.

Or photos or real names!!!!!

If you don’t like it…. TO DAMN BAD!!!



Tell us what you think!!! Don’t Hold BACK!!

We want to hear what Grinds your gears in the industry. We don’t want to slander companies or people, so we ask that you make up names…. BUT…. We all have to get it off our chest and a good listening tool for that is the Security Sucks Podcast. We are not here to belittle anyone or companies, we are just getting topics out there for discussion and allow for an open debate on our closed Discord and Facebook page.


“This industry is NOT for everyone, but those it is for, we thrive in it everyday. Our lives are taken over by our knowledge and experience as security professionals. Our goals are all the same; safety and security for those we protect and love.”

— Joel Nest

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EVERYONE HAS A STORY… We want to hear yours… Don’t think because you didn't hold down a convoy or FOB under fire, or you didn’t throw yourself on top of your principle during a heavy attack, that your story doesn’t matter… Because IT DOES!

Every story has a meaning and a lesson to be learned. You never know who may be listening and who may benefit from it.

Please share.