Private Investigators: On the Job

A behind the scenes look at private investigators. From the Pinkerton National Detective Agency founded in 1850, private investigators have been used in the united states to perform a variety if tasks. From martial infertility cases and insurance fraud to high profile corporate espionage cases they have done it all. Working usually on a contractual basis most investigators specialize in a particular field and with new fields involving electronic investigations begins to grow the field will continue to expand.

Intro to Security: Contract vs Proprietary

When most people get into the security industry they will most likely working for a contract company, but is that all there is? Contract companies provide 3rd party security services to other companies. While many specialize, most will provide their general services. This gives their employees experience in different types of sites.

Interview with securitysucksmedia promo

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Hospital Security: On the Job

When we think of hospital security, we may think of the guy in the uniform sitting behind the desk handing out visitors passes. However, hospital security is one of the most complex and hands on types of security out there.

TSA: On the Job

A look at the government agency entrusted with aviation security. The Transportation Security Administration or TSA. Founded on November 19, 2001 after the events of 9/11. The TSA now under the Department of Homeland Security provides security and intelligence to all mass transits with an emphasis on aviation.

Bouncer: On the Job

A look at the world of Bouncing aka Nightclub or Bar Security. Are bouncers these rugged tough guys like in roadhouse or are they simply everyday people trying to get by in the service industry. Let's take a deep dive together into the world of Bar Security

Bail Enforcement: On the Job

Although not security work its is part of the public safety sector. An overview about the world of bail enforcement and some of the ins and outside. Edit: I meant FTA as the acronym for Failure to Appear not FAT.

Executive Protection: On the Job

A dive into the world of Executive Protection Agents. Most people when they think of executive protection, think of dark suits and sun glasses. Is that really all to it though? Executive protection professionals are people who provide protection services to a person rather than a place.

Loss Prevention: On the Job

A new series where we will discuss different types of security. Each one bringing a unique twist on how security it done. Its important to remember that while each type of security is important they all come with their own challenges, rewards, and career path.

Armed Security: Things to Consider

When people picture armed security, they picture one of two things. Either uniformed guys running into danger or that jerk at there apartment complex who wrote them a ticket for parking in the wrong spot. What people don't consider is what become armed includes. Liability? Added responsibilities? Defense of Life?

Security Police: Security's Hidden Career

Today's video talks about Security Police or SCOPs. While they are fully sworn Law Enforcement Officers there primary function is Physical Security and Force Protection. The most notable security police forces are Federal Protective Services, FBI Police and Secret Service Uniform Division.

Armored Trucks: Driver/Messenger Day to Day

A brief look at the day to day job of an armored truck guard. What to expect when you leave the branch and the process for when you finally get to clock out for the day. If you havent already check out my previous videos on the armored industry links will be below.

Body Armor: Security and Law Enforcement

A look at the importance of body armor in the security and law enforcement industry. Making sure you have the correct tools for the job includes body armor. Making sure you have everg opportunity to go home to your family at the end of the night should be a priority.

Security Supervisors: 5 Types

What type of supervisors do you have? This list will tell you about 5 types of security supervisors you're bound to run into in this industry. While I'm sure there are a ton more, these are the ones that seem to be the most common. Tell me what you think.

Security Company: Red Flags Not to Ignore

Red Flag: That thing that makes your spidy senses tingle. Security companies can set these off and these may be signs that they are less than reputable or ethical. If something feels off or is too go to be true it probably is. DON’T IGNORE THESE SIGNS!

Night Shift: How to Survive it!

My take on Tips and tricks that can be used to help security and even non security personnel survive night shift. Night shift is tough and can be very tough on the body. While my list should not be take an gospel, these are tips are what I've found to be the most effect.

Security Industry: Uniforms and Appearance

A sloppy uniform can undermine any qualities a good guard possesses. Making sure you look sharp and squared away is going to take you from amateur to professional quickly Holding coworkers and yourself accountable for uniforms and appearance is a step to taking this industry to a professional level.